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Girls' Education Monitoring System
GEMS is developing procedures and tools to promote dialogue among international partners and to disseminate knowledge and experiences through annual reviews and an interactive website. The monitoring system contributes to improving girls' and women's education while supporting the strategic objective to develop broad-based and informed constituencies mobilized to improve girls' education. The goal is to design consistent indicators for measuring the progress and achievements of girls' education activities. 
Project Components: 

Girls' Education Monitoring System (GEMS)
GEMS works with interested countries to develop procedures and consistent measures of the aggregate effects of girls' and women's education efforts supported by USAID. GEMS assists countries to determine their information needs related to girls' education initiatives, to design methods for collecting needed information and to use information to enhance program outcomes

Girls' Education: An Annual Review
Annual reports on the status of girls' education will be published in electronic and print formats. Topics of interest to developing countries carrying out girls' education initiatives will be presented using a variety of quantitative and qualitative research techniques.

Measuring the Results of Girls' Education Country Initiatives
In May 1998, over 400 leaders from the private, media, governmental, religious and NGO sectors from over forty countries met at the international conference Educating Girls: A Development Imperative to discuss and make commitments to girls' education in their countries. GEMS supports the efforts and actions of interested countries by working with conference delegates to monitor and report on the progress of their initiatives. GEMS is a mechanism for continuing the cross-national dialogue generated by the conference.

This interactive website is dedicated to issues of monitoring and evaluation of girls' education.  It is a forum for the worldwide sharing of experiences, strategies and results.



A resource to countries interested in:

  • Developing appropriate indicators to measure the results of girls' education initiatives
  • Training personnel to carry out monitoring of program progress
  • Disseminating information on the results of their girls' education initiatives

  • Participating in an international forum for the exchange of information and continued dialogue on girls' education monitoring and evaluation

  • Girls' Education and Crises (PDF Format)

Tools for Monitoring Girls Education Initiatives (PDF Format)
Monitoring and Evaluation:  Training Courses in Guatemala, Guinea and Peru (PDF Format)

USAID Girls' Education Initiatives in Guatemala, Guinea, Mali, Morocco and Peru:  A Performance Review (PDF Format)
Country Studies:

The Effects of Active Learning Programs in Multigrade Schools on Girls’ Persistence in and Completion of Primary School in Developing Countries (PDF Format)

CoTrack- Cohort Tracking System (Access 2000)

User Manual for CoTrack (PDF Format)

WID IQC Presentation by Virginia Seitz (.pps file)

WID IQC Presentation by Virginia Seitz (.zip file)

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GEMS is a three-year project of Juárez and Associates funded by USAID's Office of Women in Development (EGAT/WID). 



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